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Become a resident of Anguilla

May 05 2023 | Written by Webster

Becoming a Permanent Resident

To acquire permanent residency in Anguilla, applicants must fulfil one of the two following investment options, and pay the processing and due diligence fees:

Purchase or construct approved real estate


• To qualify a family of 4, the minimum value of the property must be US$750,000 at the time of application.

• Each additional dependant will require an additional investment of US$100,000.

• The property cannot be sold within five years of the purchase date.

Make a contribution to the Capital Development Fund

The Capital Development Fund is a government fund established to finance public sector projects that grow, develop and diversify Anguilla’s economy.

The minimum contributions required are as follows:

• Main Applicant – US$150,000

• Spouse or Dependant – US$50,000 each

Application processing fees and due diligence fees

Application processing fees:

• US$3,000 per application for a family of up to 4 persons

• US$500 per applicant beyond 4 persons

Due diligence fees:

• US$7,500 per individual 18+

• US$2,500 per child 12+ (but under 18)


Becoming a Tax Resident in Anguilla

To be recognised as a tax resident in Anguilla, applicants must meet the following requirements:

• Pay US$75,000 per year in annual worldwide income tax to Anguilla’s Treasury;

• Own and maintain property in Anguilla valued in excess of US$400,000

• Spend a minimum of 45 days in Anguilla each year;

• Establish genuine links in Anguilla, such as bank accounts, memberships, etc;

• Declare that you have not spent more than 183 days per year in any other country;

• Demonstrate the ability to readily transfer the first five years of tax payments; and

Pay the programme application and due diligence fees