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Anguilla’s Registry System looks to the future… For your benefit.

May 23 2019 | Written by Webster

Anguilla’s Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN), the world’s first online companies registry, is scheduled for significant updates over the next year. When ACORN launched it was ground-breaking with the combination of pioneering ideas that it integrated. It is still world renowned for its efficiency and convenience, enabling customers of the Anguilla Commercial Registry to quickly transact business on line.

The updates to ACORN will significantly expand its feature set and adapt ACORN to changes in the technological and legislative environment that financial services operates in today – with the same attention to innovation and customer convenience that has always been its hallmark.

New features will include:
• Integrated substance reporting with annual returns
• One system for all reporting requirements, including a Beneficial Ownership Register
• Substantial security enhancements for upholding privacy
• Ability to operate on popular consumer platforms (not just Windows)
• Online payment capability (not just bank transfers)
• A portal allowing the public to do simple queries online on legal entities
• A new Register for Foundations
• All this will be delivered with the same great quality of customer interaction and client services team that patrons have been accustomed to. It just goes to prove that Anguilla is really ready for business.

For more information please contact Anguilla Finance on +1 264 497 3388